Welcome to the Kingdom

Who We Are

Second Kings was created in 2019 as a creative collective forced on nurturing creativity and making an easy connection between art and business.

Our mission at Second Kings is to impact the world through art and love by empowering artists and creating as many opportunities to express and give to others.

Second Kings NFT Project

The Second Kings NFT Project was proposed by Keith Josiah as a way to escape the traditional art world that he viewed as “Taking advantage of young artists who want to make a name for themselves.” The Genesis collection is made up of ten Keith Josiah paintings in eight different emotions. These “emotions” represent the true up and down in and out old and new emotions that Keith Josiah feels on a day to day bases.

With each purchase of a 2nd Kings NFT comes an amazing in hand unboxing experience shipped right to your door. The entire box inside and out was completely designed by the artist. “I wanted to create that same unboxing moment like when you finally get those pair of shoes you wanted. That’s an experience i know i can give along side having art online.” Inside the King’s Box is a signed stamped and framed print of the NFT purchased, a Golden Ticket, (Certificate of Authentication), a pamphlet that shows in detail which art piece your NFT derives from. and an “I own a 2nd Kings NFT” token. Owners will also be enlisted in a private discord server and be invited to private events in the near future.

Past and present art events from the artist

Nashville Billboard

Keith Josiah becomes artist of the week in Nashville, TN

Art Show International

Keith Josiah’s Online Solo Exhibition with Art Show International

Revolu Gallery

Keith Josiah featured in Revolu online 3D art gallery.